Diverse Marley is a hip hop/rap artist from the south side of Chicago. His expertise include: rapping/writing, art design, studio/video production, fashion and survival of the fittest. Along with music, he has created his own clothing lines called Lame Apparel and Labels Clothing Co. He is very outspoken and has a sound that's equipped with metaphorical lyrics and great cadence. Like the name, Diverse, he is very different from most artist and can make it happen in the most extreme scenarios; homeless for more than two years, he rose above his hardships to become a influential player on the Chicago hip hop

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

[NEW MUSIC] Diverse Marley | Calcium | Produced by Lordness

Diverse Marley returns with his 4th consecutive release entitled Calcium where the Chicago emcee sends shots at anyone who wants to doubt his talent. No matter what, Diverse Marley will turn a dream into reality. They say milk is good for the bones, get you a full glass of Calcium.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Diverse Marley | Fuck Fame | Featuring Murph Watkins

Diverse returns with his third release where he links up with Who Betta affiliate Murph WATKINS to bring his message. The 2 Chicago MCEEs step forward and tell the ppl why its fuck fame, GET MONEY! Take a listen.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Diverse Marley | Float By | Shot by Rakim McCune

This song represents everything Chicago; from the Gotham vibe of the bars, to the skyline and scenery in the visual. Diverse grabbed the native trap sound and warped it into beautifully melancholy story; something all of us from the city can understand. "Float By" definitely gets my thumbs up as a banger, which you can CHECK out below.

Diverse Marley | Money Time | Produced by Lordness

Money time is a song that I made to let ppl know what my mind state is at this point. Going through the things that I go through I've came to the conclusion that the strive for success is what truly keeps me focused and motivated. It's not party time, its not nap time, its money time and money time is all the time from here on out.
-Diverse Marley

Thursday, October 16, 2014